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I strive to capture the story within each piece I create. The composition of lines and shape must flow into fierce esthetics while maintaining its functional essence. I seek to design products which are piquant, playful and different, but also meaningful and effective.
The aim is for timeless creations grounded in former and present trends, yet disruptive, conceptually, and reach into the future.
Inspired, unprecedented and unique pieces necessitate creative bravery and a sense of adventure with the technical acumen to realize the vision.
This is the ardent pursuit which keeps me awake at night”.

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Martin Giroud graduated as Industrial Designer from Universidad de Buenos Aires, Faculty of architecture, design and urbanism. His subsequent work as a researcher in complex products on Center for Investigations of Industrial Design, has sparked a strong sense of scientific methodology and professionalism.
With the acquired conviction that research is the first and most important step of creating, this prior experience has taught him to keep an open mind and not throw away any ideas.

Born with a natural curiosity, Martin has been blowing life into ideas for a lifetime, starting in his grandfather’s workshop. With an idyllic upbringing in the landscapes of Argentina, hiking the mountains of Patagonia and fishing in the lakes, outdoor adventures and nature has been a consistent and life-long source of inspiration. Combined with his passion for watersport, Martin realized the value of work-life balance early on. Big-city-living was clashing with the urge for outdoor-activities and after a hard-on accident, Martin uproot his Argentinian existence and settled in the middle of the pacific on Maui. Here the easy accessibility to clear the mind on water or in nature creates a balance that secures a continuous revitalization. This gives rise to a constant flow of creativity that manifests itself in the work being done.



Our ideation process is centered around People, Environments, and Experiences. We seek to understand how people will use your product, the environments in which they will use them, the experience we intend to deliver, and the solutions the product intends to provide. Through these approaches, we help you create product solutions that are beautiful, innovative, and right for your customer segments.

Research and Product Upgrade Design


Do you have a concept or existing product that needs further research? We’ll conduct the research for you and provide you with a portfolio of innovative ideas to make your concept a reality. We’ll also take your existing product and ideate to create a variety of updates to help you develop the next innovative version of your existing concept.

New Product Design and Development


We collaborate with your team as early as the ideation phase where we seek to understand your product vision, the problems your product seeks to solve, and the overall design objectives. This then leads to concept design to prototype development. Our services also include research, design, content development, technical documentation, illustrations, and patent support.

Project Management


We also provide project planning and management. After understanding your project needs we create detailed project plans to provide that include the different phases of the project to provide your team with product design and development timelines.

Production Support


Our support doesn’t end when your idea has been designed and prototyped. We understand the realities of taking designs to production and the complexities involved. We collaborate with your team and the manufacturers to do material analysis, material and product testing, and will also continue to refine the design to enable efficient and cost effective production options.

Patent Support


As we design your product for you we’ll also assist in reviewing existing patents to help you assess conflicts and differentiators. We can also ensure that the design process can integrate new design features that differentiate your product from existing patents if and when possible.